Hoppers Meet this Tuesday (November the 27th)! 
Hi all!

The next Hoppers Meet will be held this Tuesday (November the 26th) at the Rising Sun Inn, Nethergreen, Sheffield. The meeting starts at 7.30pm. In addition to the usual socialising and bunny talk, I'm also hoping to spend a little bit of time at this meeting talking about what we can do to raise awareness of proper rabbit care in Sth Yorks. To this end, I've put together a very informal agenda of items to talk about. This isn't absolute, so please feel free to suggest changes / things to add or remove!

1. Identifying local rescues and making a list of these
2. Members recommendations for good bunny boarding facilities in Sth Yorks
3. How can we help our local rescues? (other than fund raising (see below).. can we offer other forms of practical help?)
4. Fund raising ideas
5. Rabbit welfare: what are the most common myths about rabbit care? How can we target these and get the message across about bunny welfare at a local level? (the RWA can provide Hoppers Groups with a lot of support in terms of educational materials, posters, etc)

Hope to see you there!


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Press Release from the RWA 
The RWA have issued the following press release, regarding the recent outbreak of myxomatosis. Please keep your bunnies safe by making sure that their vaccinations are up to date!



PRESS RELEASE 28 August 2007

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

British weather wreaks havoc for pet rabbits

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) issued warnings to pet rabbit
owners today about the danger of the killer disease, Myxomatosis, which has
seen a steady rise with the warm, damp conditions of recent months.

Judith Brown, RWAF Veterinary Executive explains "The humid weather that
we've been experiencing of late creates an ideal breeding ground for the
fleas and mosquitoes that carry the disease. Unvaccinated rabbits who are
infected generally die a slow and painful death".

Rabbits owners are being urged to have their pets vaccinated against
Myxomatosis as soon as possible. The advice from the RWAF backed by patron,
Ingrid Tarrant, comes after the helpline received a massive increase in
reports of pet rabbits, country-wide dying from this disease over the past
few weeks.

Rachel Todd, RWAF Education Executive said: "Vaccination is the only way to
protect your rabbit against the disease. Sadly, not all pet rabbits are
protected by vaccination, largely because rabbit owners are unaware that a
vaccine is available. Myxomatosis vaccine can be given from as young as six
weeks old protecting the rabbit for six months in the face of an outbreak."

House rabbit owners are warned that their pets aren't safe either. According
to RWAF Committee member and long-time houserabbit owner, Lizzie Smith
"Myxomatosis is contracted via biting insects such as fleas or mosquitoes -
as these are free living, they can be indirectly carried into your home and
then infect pet rabbits".

In addition to vaccination, rabbit owners can taken preventative steps
against Myxomatosis by fitting fly screens to outdoor hutches; eliminating
standing water, such as ponds (where mosquitoes might breed) from gardens;
preventing wild rabbits from getting into gardens; and making sure that
there's nothing to attract vermin and wild birds to hutches and runs.

Rabbit owners can find more information on Myxomatosis and other important
rabbit health topics on the RWAF web site www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk, from
their local veterinary practice, or from the RWAF National Helpline 01403


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Monday 10th September 
The next Hoppers Group meeting will be at 7pm on Monday the 10th September at the Rising Sun, Nethergreen, Sheffield. A map showing the location of the The Rising Sun can be seen by clicking on the link below:


Apparently Monday night is music night at the Rising Sun, so as well as the usual rabbit chat, you can also look forward to some soft jazz on the 10th Sept too!

See you there!

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Hello to all the new Hopper Group members! 
The Sth Yorks Hoppers Group was listed for the first time in the most recent edition of 'Rabbiting On' magazine and since then I've been inundated with enquiries about the group so I wanted to take this oppportunity to say a big 'Hello!' and 'Welcome!' to all of the rabbit fans in South Yorkshire! I've been amazed and delighted at how many bunny lovers there are in the area and I can't wait for the next meet now!

I'll post up a time / date for the next Hoppers Group meeting shortly, but meanwhile if anyone has a particular preference for a time or date, feel free to state it here and I'll try my best to incorporate it!


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Next Hoppers Group Meeting... Sat 21st July! 
OK, it's all decided... The next Hoppers Group meeting will be on Saturday 21st July at 8.00pm at The Museum (pub!) in central Sheffield.

See you there!

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